Patient Reviews

“A perfect example of Seneca’s wisdom is Dr. Patricia Wu. Her beautiful reception room is the epitome of taste, comfort and CARE. Her loving and obliging staff exudes her total commitment to CARE. Her greetings and concerns for one’s health express her roots in CARE. Her sanitary and comfortable dental offices bespeak her love of CARE. The superb quality of her dental services reveals her professional CARE. But most importantly is her signature CARE AS A PERSON. Dr. Patricia Wu is truly THE PERSONIFICATION OF CARE!”

Robert J. S

“Staff is always pleasant and very easy to work with. They are very accommodating and willing to work with you in any situation that may arise. You are the best!”


“I have been coming to Dr. Wu for many years. I remember when she took over the practice, my son was 3 or 4 years old. Now he is 17. He used to cry mentioning the dentist, but Dr. Wu was very patient with him. We are happy coming to her. She does excellent work.”

L.I. & family

“Dr. Wu took over the practice and I was nervous about that. I learned very quickly that it was the best thing that happened. The staff is exceptional. I love them all. Dr. Wu is gentle as can be. Very happy with her!”


“Dear Dr. Wu,
Our family has been coming to your practice for over ten years. You and your staff have always presented us with such a friendly, comfortable atmosphere and tremendous professionalism, which are important qualities to our family. Our children always look forward to their visits, which is a compliment to you and your positive atmosphere. Thank you for giving us healthy advice and healthy smiles.”

Pat & Teri

“My husband and I have been coming for ten years. I were so happy we brought over our four children. It is a great office with a wonderful staff.”


“Dr. Wu has a wonderful staff. The good doctor is painless and compassionate towards my elderly relatives.”


“I have been coming to Dr. Wu for over 10 years. Dr. Wu and her staff are very friendly and accommodating. My daughter started coming here at age of 3 and ‘She loves coming to the dentist!'”


“I am 84 years old. I have had my teeth whitened. I am very happy I did. My family and my friends noticed the difference right away. I would definitely recommend it.”


“I would like to take a moment to express that my experience with Dr. Wu and her staff was excellent.”


“Great dentist and team!”